SEO Tricks That Are Not So Tricky

SEO or simply search engine optimization is said to be as a process of acquiring traffic from the free organic editorial or natural search results on various search engines. There are a number of search engines which mainly includes Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. These search engines show primary results.

Here is an article by Zack Rutherford at regarding SEO tricks:

SEO Tricks for One Page Websites


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t beat ‘em, so you might as well join ‘em. I’m of course referring to the sudden, and not altogether unpleasant influx of single page websites. This design trend has taken a lot of heat in times past for not being search friendly. Their non-paginated structures don’t exactly make for easy indexing, and if there’s an abundance of content on the page, it can make things even more difficult for search spiders looking to find relevant content. Combine that with the fact that one page means you can’t target more than one main keyword phrase, and it seems like a lot of the criticism leveled at one pagers is completely justified. Not so, says I.

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Skills and tricks are needed for SEO. It is said that the more proficiency of search engine optimization you have, the more expected you are to get into difficulty with Google. Well, that is not always the case, but still there are many SEO experts who still suggest such kind of practices that Google scowl upon.
On the other hand we observe that the role of SEO is still has its own value and significance, and there are some beneficial tips that will support and improve the optimization of your content so that more traffic is driven at your site.

Here are 17 tricks by Michael Pozdnev at

How to Steal the Best SEO Tricks From Top Online Marketing Experts

By Michael Pozdnev | Last updated January 13, 2017

Who are you? A beginning internet marketing manager? Or perhaps an expert in online marketing?
Or maybe you’re working on your blogging skills, and are on your way to becoming the next big hit.
Do you want the inside scoop on our gurus’ favorite SEO secrets and tricks?

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Linking new content with the previous one:

If you want to write content in your website then try to find relevant articles that you have already published on your website. When the value of the new post goes up the value of link eventually goes up.


Do not forget to give your recent posts a review. The reason is that in case they are not getting sufficient traffic, then serious actions can be performed for the betterment.

This video by Justin West has 12 time-tested SEO tricks:

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