Job Responsibilities of a 911 Dispatcher

In many organizations, 911 Dispatchers take emergency calls and do double shifts as well . Often, they are the first way of contact for individuals who are in desperate need of help. No matter what the situation is, a 911 Dispatcher has to be calm while talking over the phone to ensure people get all the necessary help they are looking for.

What does a 911 Dispatcher actually do? Check out the following post on the job description of a 911 dispatcher by DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS with


The Emergency Dispatcher receives complaints from public concerning crimes and police emergencies. Then the Emergency Dispatcher broadcasts orders to police patrol units in vicinity of complaint to investigate. They operate radio, telephone, or computer equipment to receive reports of fires and medical….Read more here…

In terms of their salaries, 911 Dispatchers earn really well. On an average, they earn $36,300 a year which may even go up depending upon the qualifications and experience in the similar field. Know more about job of a 911 Dispatcher in the following post with Learningpath.Org

Becoming a 911 Dispatcher: Job Description & Salary Information

911 dispatchers field phone calls from people who need urgent assistance and then direct the police, firefighters or paramedics, to the location of the emergency. Read on to to see if becoming a 911 dispatcher is a good match for you. Read the complete article here…

Besides the necessary qualifications and skills, you will need a dedicated mind to be a successful 911 Dispatcher. These individuals work really hard to help others and do not get time to spend with their families. What sort of scnedule 911 Dispatchers usually goes through? Please check the following video.

If you’re planning to be a 911 Dispatcher, make sure you gather the necessary information about the organization you’re going to join. Check whether they provide the necessaary training or not. There are a number of organizations that offer certifications and training programs related to 911 Dispatcher roles. You can also opt for those programs and gain the necessary skills to get hired in a job interview. All the best!