College Basketball Tipoff: Early November

Although the football season is in full swing, College basketball’s expected to kick off it’s 2016-17  campaign in early November. There are several dominant teams expected to make a run at the national title in 2017,  and some others that expect to have a Cinderella story of Their Own this basketball season.

The beauty of college basketball is that everything comes down to a four-week period known as March Madness. Teams play throughout the year with the hopes and aspirations of making it to the big dance which consists of 64 of the best teams in the nation. It doesn’t matter what the preseason rankings are because it all comes down to winning games in March.


Last year, the Maryland Terrapins basketball schedule looked promising. They were considered by many to be a preseason number one team, and expectations were extremely high that they would make a late run in the basketball tournament. Unfortunately, they were only able to win two games in the tournament, and they were left watching the remaining games from College Park Maryland. This is not just the Maryland basketball team; this is all teams in college basketball where upsets are plentiful. No other sport has the excitement of an unlikely victor as NCAA college basketball.

Why Choose College Basketball

Here are three reasons why college basketball is better than any other sport.
College athletes are paid nothing.  College athletes are paid nothing for representing their schools. Well there is much debate about whether or not they should or should not be, it does bring one very interesting element to the table….. these kids are playing because they love the sport. The transition from high school to the pros in college basketball is pretty tough, and it is considered a wise choice to spend a year or two at the college level before jumping to the pros. For this reason, you find some of the best college basketball players as freshmen and sophomores.
In college basketball, everyone has a shot at winning. The reason the March Madness Tournament does so well is that upsets happen daily. It is not uncommon for a small school to defeat the Goliath in the last week of March. If you’ve ever filled out a basketball bracket you know exactly what this means.

Games are on every night. If you ever turn on ESPN between the hours of 7 and 10 o’clock in the fall, you’re going to find a great college basketball game. With so many teams around the country, it is easy to find a great basketball game any night of the week.